28 weeks

by Grace Ko

Hello third trimester!!! And 7th month of pregnancy! How are you here already? 

I know I've been pregnant for 7 months but sometimes I am still astonished at the very fact that I'm pregnant. I recently emailed my work family back in New Jersey, whom I miss dearly and I was sharing with them how this journey has been nothing short of amazing - a miracle, in every way. 

But if you don't mind my being raw and real, lately I've been finding myself falling into the tendency of griping about my body changing. I've gained weight and more than enough of it and though I know I should marvel at the miracle my body is performing, there are moments where I grieve what "was". My closet has become a battleground - finding things to wear (or just things that fit) is a daily struggle. But I will choose to show this belly off and find creative ways to dress myself. 

And just like I need to choose to embrace this ever-changing body of mine, I need to gently remind myself daily to choose joy, to embrace this season and to remain present. I'm lucky to be surrounded by people that help me do this. 

I loved my friend, The Belletrist's pregnancy weekly and monthly updates so I hope she doesn't mind my copying her format. 

At 7 months~

Baby's size: a large eggplant! Baby now has eyelashes! 
Pros: Feeling baby move all the time
Cons: Having to pee what feels like every two seconds. My first priority wherever I go now has been locating the bathroom. 
Feeling: the nesting kicking in. Washed, folded and put away baby's clothes, blankets, washcloths, sheets. Organized baby room (Just in need of the finishing touches: rug, ottoman, throw pillows) 
Craving: Vegan food! I went to my favorite place, Plant (featured here) twice this week! I've always been a fan of their "Tempeh Rainbow Wrap" but this week, I also discovered their best seller "Lentil Burrito Bowl". Scrumptious, to say the least. 
Outlook on the coming of baby: We're excited and extremely curious what he'll look like! 
Feelings about husband: I feel pretty lucky that I can do this pregnancy & parenting thing with him.