29 weeks

by Grace Ko

Hey there, 29. 

You weren't a fun one. I spent all of you in bed, sick and awfully congested with sinus pressure making my face feel like I was hit with a few bricks. Sleeping was hard - my bladder waking me up every two hours like clockwork. The constant need to pee has me looking around for bathrooms everywhere I go. It's a top priority. 

But despite it all, I've been thankful I can rest. I've been really thankful for a husband who takes care of me. He's made sure I was stuffed to the brim with clementines and my latest craving: 단호박죽 (what I would consider the sweeter, Korean version of butternut squash soup). I've been thankful for time to bask in books (finished 2 Roald Dahl books: Boy and George's Marvelous Medicine). 

A new do and bebe makes an appearance

A new do and bebe makes an appearance

Baby can dream! And how relevant that is because my days and nights have been filled with many dreams - both the awake kind and sleep kind. More on that on a future post, hopefully. 

I read research about how baby feels what mommy feels - baby feels my emotions. And lucky for me, I haven't had to try too hard to do the whole "happy thoughts" thing because I have a husband that constantly makes me laugh. I was once asked during our first wedding anniversary what the best part of that first year of marriage had been. And I remember replying that I laughed everyday for the past 365 days thanks to the husband. Pregnancy has changed me but it has also changed the husband - he's become sassier, funnier, goofier and I'm loving it.