27 weeks

by Grace Ko

Baby is the size of a head of cauliflower and is about 14.5 inches long! According to the baby apps, he is sleeping and waking at regular intervals.

I had heard about "nesting" but never did I think it would happen to me. First trimester was mostly spent curled over the toilet or lying horizontally, wishing and willing morning sickness to go away. So when second trimester rolled around, celebrations were due. Now that second trimester is winding down (!!!) my instincts must be kicking into high gear, screaming, "Baby's coming! Baby's coming!" 

I've been catching up on the tasks that had been piling up on my "To-do" list - scrapbooking, journaling, getting baby's room ready. With a dresser, chair, crib and bookshelf, this baby is neck and neck with mommy & daddy, combined! 

They say vivid dreams can be a symptom of pregnancy, and boy is that true! Ever since second trimester rolled around, there was a period of time where crazy, unbelievable dreams were a nightly occurrence. Luckily, that's slowed down a bit but the other day, I had a dream of giving birth to baby. Strangely enough, I had dreams like this BEFORE getting pregnant but this was the first time I dreamt of giving birth since getting pregnant. 

People, this dream, it was so real, so vivid I even woke up and described baby's face to the husband. The feeling that was most impressed on me was one of overwhelming love for this baby. Enamored at first sight! 

As I came to my senses and found myself browsing social media, I stumbled across a video a friend had posted. It was so timely after such a vivid dream of baby being born. And I was left a puddle of tears. It's a good one so enjoy. But let me warn you, it's a tearjerker.