30 weeks

by Grace Ko

30, you sound so close to 40! 10 weeks to go! 

Much of my 30th week was spent on our babymoon in Guam. Truth be told, Guam wasn't our first choice of destination. We had dreamt of going to Thailand and the Philippines. But we'll leave those for future family vacation spots with baby. More to come on our babymoon... 

Thoughts on week 30: 

  • Baby is the size of a large cabbage, measuring over 16 inches long!
  • He has taste buds now and is starting to pack on the fat!
  • Heartburn is a pain, quite literally. One word: tums. 
  • Putting on/taking off pants or socks or shoes is quite a monumental task. 
  • Belly seems to be growing at an exponential rate - but that means baby is too so I'm okay with that. 
  • Baby must be getting bigger because sometimes, when he moves, I feel the sudden urge to pee. 
  • Sinus pressure can cause tooth pain! 
  • Swollen feet and legs = kankles
  • I dread sneezing. It hurts my rib cage! 
  • Walks in the park with friends can be a source of great entertainment.