Daring to Dream

by Grace Ko

I'm an ENFJ, he's an ENTJ. 
We both love people, we share a love for traveling/books/museums/sports. 
On the surface, we don't seem all that different but beneath it all, it's another story. 

I spent a lot of my time in New Jersey this summer on the couch, with HGTV playing for hours on end. I was only 15 weeks and the rough trip across the pond took a toll on my body. I let my body rest: "This is why I came home". As luck would have it, there was a "Fixer Upper" marathon so while my brother was at work during the day, my eyes would be glued to the screen, entranced by story after story of flipping houses into homes. I obviously already appreciated the work of Chip & Joanna Gaines (I especially love Joanna's testimony) but watching this interview has made me respect and love them more. 

My husband is a lot like Chip Gaines - no boundaries, sky's the limit, a big dreamer, a visionary, outside-of-the-box-kind-of-guy. Me, on the other hand, I'm a lot like Joanna - I like predictability, I don't like surprises, I like comfort, I'm a rule-follower, a perfectionist. 

I am seemingly more extroverted on the outside, but Y is really the extrovert. He can strike up a conversation with anyone and everyone. (I joke he can have a rich, meaningful conversation with a wall if he wanted to.) 

He is an architect, to the core. He questions everything, likes to shake things up and doesn't like to do things "the way it's always been done". He isn't easily phased by what others think or say. He's inquisitive, adventurous and "wild at heart", a go-getter, results-kinda-guy. 

They say, "Opposites attract," and in this regard, I am the complete opposite. I think and process a lot. I am a "feeler" to the core. I think, "Why change a good thing if it works?" I am a counselor by training, appreciating "the process"

Meeting Y and marrying him has been quite a journey and watching this video today is so timely as it's Y's 2nd work anniversary here in Korea. 

I can say without a shadow of a doubt, that if it weren't for Y, we wouldn't be on this adventure here in our motherland. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have started exploring creativity. I wouldn't have started my blog. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have traveled the world or dared to begin dreaming. 

Somewhere between birth and adulthood, I became cautious, timid to dream, afraid to be creative, fearful to think outside-of-the-box. I became more focused on what others thought or felt, more concerned with pleasing those around me.

As I reflect on the past two years here in Korea, the journey God has brought us on in this marriage and as we are about to embark on quite possibly the greatest adventure of all, parenthood, I am daring to dream. Dreams for this baby, dreams for our growing family, dreams for this nation.