26 weeks

by Grace Ko

Things are changing quite quickly at 26 weeks. My belly seems to be growing everyday and the scale is there to prove it... There's no hiding this baby bump of mine and there's no mistaking I'm pregnant now. I was offered a seat on a packed subway for the first time this week (!!!) 


Baby's the size of a scallion (14 inches from head to toe!!!) and according to my baby apps, he can open his eyes now! His movements are getting stronger and more pronounced - you can see my belly move when he kicks/punches/jabs/knees. 

With the second trimester winding down (how is that possible?) we are in full gear getting ready. We made an IKEA run and purchased a crib, a chair and a cart to fill with baby supplies and we are (slowly) putting together baby's room. 

Books have become a precious commodity in this household. Y and I have always shared our love for books. We have been respectively growing our collections and have joined forced on this front now. With baby on his way, we are carefully selecting books to fill his little library.