Simple pleasures

by Grace Ko

It has been eight months since we’ve moved out of Seoul to the “countryside”.

And life here has been of a much slower, quieter, contemplative kind. We conclude our evening rush winding down, putting J to sleep and then lots of stretching, reading or sometimes we pull out a bottle of wine and fit in a movie.

The best part of life in the 시골 (“country”) has been the scenery. The summer presented sunsets with a kaleidoscope of colors, hues of pink and purple and orange. Autumn brought warm, earthy tones and neighborhood farmers out to the fields. Winter felt long in its shades of gray but it called for much “hygge” and cozying-up indoors.

Wide open space and fields of grass were hard to come by in the chaos of the city but such landscape here beckons you to sit and breathe it in for a while. It calls out to me and tells me to slow down, to indulge in the simple pleasures.

Here are some of my recent simple pleasures:

  • fresh flowers

  • visits from friends

  • a cup of tea and a good book (currently reading:

  • evening Zumba classes

  • lunch dates with husband

  • J’s eskimo kisses

  • my bullet journal

  • keeping in touch with friends via Marco Polo

  • morning green juice

  • family quality time