Motherhood: Why write about it

by Grace Ko in

I have spent a lot of time contemplating about whether to write more extensively and more specifically about mommy life. But for fears and anxieties that would creep up and take hold, I have avoided it.

My word for 2019 has been “unapologetic”. I’m learning to be “free to be me”. And after recently receiving life-coaching, I realized something so simple but profound- this is who I am: I’m a mom. “Mom” isn’t all of who I am, but it is a big part of who I am.

So, why now? Why write about it?

Because it’s that important.

Because it’s what I’ve been called to.

Because it has changed me, to the core.

Because birthing a child has birthed a new me, too.

Because not writing about it would feel like not being true to all of who I am.

Because people have asked.

Because I want to share, not because I’ve got it all figured out (because I sure don’t) but because it’s in the sharing where we grow and learn and love.


I’ve personally grown the most when people around me who “don’t have it all figured out” have been vulnerable with me, in their mess, and have graciously extended an invitation me into the mess. In the sharing, the processing, the rawness and vulnerability, I have changed.

This “Motherhood: “ series isn’t about giving advice, because God knows I’m still figuring it all out and in the mess. But it’s just my journey, sharing my experience. Vulnerability begets vulnerability. Vulnerability also births opportunities for validation, brings forth connection and community. And I know I need that.