Embrace Your Season

by Grace Ko

After hearing a powerful message on embracing your season, it got me thinking about seasons in my life and got me wondering, "What season am I in now?" Whatever season it may be, I want to embrace it. Right here, right now. 

Immediately following the message was a spontaneous "Carpe Diem" type of evening. Talk about prompt application of the message. Previously I had shared that I don't get along with this so-called Spontaneity but that evening got me better acquainted with said Spontaneity and I got to thinking, "Hey! I think I like you, Spontaneity!" 

Dinner was 찜닭 (jjim dak), a medley of chicken, vegetables and glass noodles in a delicious sauce. As if that wasn't enough to fill us up, we walked over to get 팥빙수 (patbingsoo), Korean shaved ice with red bean. I had one of the strawberry kinds, accompanied by belly laughs and other antics. Y & I even got to share some funny stories from our dating season and we all had a good chuckle. 

Beautiful K with our strawbery bingsoo

Beautiful K with our strawbery bingsoo

Just when I thought our evening was wrapping up... on our way home, we decided on an impromptu hike up Namsan. We stopped by our place for a speedy change of outfit and shoes and snuck in a quick Nat Geo (short for National Geographic) watching session with honeydew in between. 

Namsan provided a change of pace, a change in scenery: fresh air and steep hills. We discovered a beetle on the way up, a lost iPhone on the way down, snapped photos at the "Geographical center of Seoul", pretended to be in "The Sound of Music" singing "I am sixteen, going on seventeen" at the gazebo and even got in a workout. K kept saying out loud, "I love my life!" and I couldn't help but think she took the words right out of my brain and my heart. 

As we were about to part ways, I was talking about how hungry I was (I guess I had worked up quite an appetite after our very late-night hike up the mountain). Mid-parting-ways, we decided to reconvene and head to a convenience store with outdoor seating (Bravo, Korean convenience stores) and we indulged in a very-very-late-night feast. We were spontaneous to the very end. 

An evening to go down as one of my favorites.