SeOUL Searching: Seongsu

by Grace Ko in

Let me just say, I am a planner. I love lists. Y laughs when he sees the things I write down and make lists for but I love the sense of organization, order and accomplishment they provide. So when it comes to spontaneity, I don't do very well. 

A recent trip to Seongsu with Y and my cousin D was what I would call spontaneous. We had no agenda, no time constraints, no prior experience of the area. We just walked around. I kept feeling the urge to ask Y, "So where are we going? What are we going to do?" And I may have asked a few times (just a few) but I fought the urge to continue to do so and instructed myself to take in the neighborhood, to live in the moment. 

We did a lot of walking but it felt good, especially after downing a "grapefruit squash". 

We learned that Seongsu is home to many artisans and artists, manufacturers and factories. It gave off Brooklyn-esque vibes. While at a cafe, we found "Oh, Seongsu", a magazine about places in Seongsu. We decided to go around and find some of them and it became an impromptu "treasure hunt" of sorts, discovering various street art and murals. 

I am excited to welcome more spontaneity in my life. Or at least "planned spontaneity". And to discover more neighborhoods in Seoul, to uncover hidden gems and the SeOUL of this city.