SeOUL Searching: Sadang

by Grace Ko in

Nostalgia is a funny thing. How it suddenly startles you with a visit at the least expected times. How it brings with it memories you had long since pushed into places in your mind you had forgotten were there. 

Several weeks ago, a friend took me to the Sadang area of Seoul and we explored a museum. The Seoul Museum of Art to be specific. As I walked around the museum, strolling from exhibit to exhibit, exhibits about recreating history and "When Collecting becomes Creating", I was brought back to my childhood growing up on-campus at Drew University. The building, creaky floors and stairways, light fixtures, hallways and all, reminded me of some of the buildings on Drew University's campus. I remembered how I used to walk around campus where my dad was studying and visiting the various school buildings. Even the smell of the museum brought me back to my early elementary years. 

I loved the homey feel of the museum. I must admit that sometimes, I am overwhelmed at museums with stimulus-overload. Too many things to look at, too many things to listen to, too many places to go. But this museum felt like I was walking through the rooms of a home and I felt welcomed to explore at my own leisurely pace. 

Afterwards, my friend J and I went to a cafe she visits often. We ordered iced hot chocolates (they were delicious) and we talked about this and that. She asked me to participate in an art project she is working on and I must admit, the perfectionist in me almost got the worst of me. More often than not, when I begin projects, I have visions in my mind of what I would like them to turn out like. But out of fear of not being able to execute them to my satisfaction, I quickly fold and throw my hands up saying, "Oh, I can't!" even before I start. But J put me on the spot and I decided to at least try. I repeated my mantra, "Progress, not perfection" and interestingly enough, progress was exactly what I focused on. 

Thanks for allowing me to reflect on progress, not perfection, J. And more museum dates to come?