Happy 4

by Grace Ko in

On May 21, 2011 the sun came out from hiding behind the shadows of heavy clouds and rain for a week. The sun came out announcing its return and peered through the curtains and blinds to wake me up early that morning. I checked my phone to see text messages from loving friends informing me about the forecast and I thanked God for blessing us with the weather. Today, too, though we find ourselves on the opposite side of the world from where it all began, I am thankful for the beautiful day to remind me of this day four years ago. 

With each passing year, this occasion becomes something to truly celebrate (third anniversary post). Because let me be real for a second: marriage is no walk in the park. It's not always "rainbows and sunshines". But that's precisely why it's so worthy of celebration! We bask in sunshine because there is rain. 

They say, "It's not about the destination but the journey" and marriage is exactly that, a journey, an adventure. And Y, I would not want to be on this journey with anyone other than you.