Camp Ko

by Grace Ko

When Y & I were house hunting and we stepped out onto what is now our (still strange to say even after over a year of home ownership) deck and looked out onto what is now our backyard, I'm pretty sure we both started to dream up all the things we would hope to do in our backyard: lounge on the deck with coffee and a good book, BBQs, grow our own vegetables in a garden. 

This past weekend, we welcomed four of our young friends over for a camp out in our backyard. We called it Camp Ko and Y & I were the camp counselors, they declared. 

The evening consisted of: 

setting up the tent


Various entertainment - a round of cornhole, scavenger hunt in the park, movie screening of Kung Fu Panda in the tent, bonfire with s'mores. 

Twas an eventful weekend! Thank you to the husband for always making everything so fun!