Comfy Casual

by Grace Ko in , ,

Last Thursday night, Y & I decided to head to a local park to go for a walk after he came home from work.  We discovered there was a food truck rally being held at that very park so we put the walk on hold (for just a little while) while we enjoyed some delicious food truck fare. It's a glorious thing: food trucks with their various designs and colors, lined up in single file, calling out to you to come and pay a visit and discover the many treasures they hold. 

This tank top may be my favorite article of clothing currently. I wear it more often than I would care to admit. Its soft fabric and comfy fit make it perfect for hot summer days and I love it all the more because I found it for $5! Steal!) The loose tank and drawstring pants were perfect for indulging myself. I had two lobster rolls. Yes, two. And I have no regrets.

Tank: Gap, Pants: Gap, Watch: Emporio Armani

Tank: Gap, Pants: Gap, Watch: Emporio Armani