This is 33: Birthday weekend

by Grace Ko

Okay, so I’m a bit behind. So let’s play some catch-up.

Last month (August), less than three weeks after our big move out of Seoul, we hosted a small get-together for a housewarming/birthday barbecue.

You know those days that you keep replaying in your mind over and over again? Because it makes your heart full? It was one of those.

I got to hit the gym and take a shower and full embrace me-time thanks to the husband. And then it was a mad frenzy to clean and prep and cook in anticipation of our guests.

People made their long trek from the city to the countryside and the rice paddy in front of our house made sure to welcome them so. After hugs and house tours, we got seated to start grubbing. Skirt steak started us off. Yea, it was one of those meals. Dear husband prepared course after course. I blew out the candles and then we filled our bellies with carrot cake (chosen by yours truly) and washed it down with some coffee. A summer BBQ playlist streamed in the background as we all caught up on each other’s lives.


The backyard is the best part of our house. And the weather permitted us to bask in it and finally put our tent to use. The mosquitoes eventually chased us back indoors but we got a good lounge-around. The ladies chatted, The boys made up a game, their own version of corn hole and it was entertaining to watch, to say the least.


It was truly a delightful in every way.

If this is 33, it’s going to be a good one.