Bloom where you are planted

by Grace Ko

A “plot twist” in this chapter in Korea, equally unexpected and heart-swelling, has been meeting Non-Koreans with a deep love for this nation. 

Some of the closest friends I’ve made here are what native Koreans call “외국인" ("foreigner") but their hearts beat, break and burn for Korea, for its people, for its prosperity and peace.

And let me tell you… it’s contagious. It spurs me on to love this nation more. It’s a precious thing. Like-minded, like-hearted people running full-speed ahead together.

One of the first times I got to really talking to my friend M, we were sitting at a quaint café with splashes of color on its walls, a cottage retreat in the middle of Gangnam’s hubbub. We somehow got on the topic of blogs and writing. And shortly after, she re-joined the blog world with her amazing site: Leave and Soak.

She is one of the very people I described, with a heart for this motherland of mine. Compelled by love, she began a series on her blog: Seoul City Postcards: a collaboration and symposium of writers of all kinds – highlighting a favorite neighborhood in Seoul waiting to be explored, waiting to be loved. It's a resource I turn to when I find myself feeling particularly adventurous, an inspiration to embrace this season, a call to love this city, a call to bloom where you are planted.

Sometimes I picture such creative energy and synergy being sprinkled like pixie dust over this land, birthing new ideas and new ideals in a land often stifled by conformity and confusion.

Korea, you are so loved. You are beautiful.