31 weeks

by Grace Ko

Baby is the size of a coconut and a new symptom crept up on me this week: migraines. And let me tell you, it wasn't pleasant. I've never suffered from migraines, yet alone headaches so it was shocking to my system on many levels. The pain became unbearably uncomfortable, bordering excruciating so the husband took me to the hospital to get checked up, just in case. Luckily baby is doing dandy. Perhaps migraines may be just another thing that must be endured here and there during this pregnancy.  

On a much more positive note, we had a photo shoot during week 31. It was a maternity shoot through our 조리원 (postpartum care center). I went into the shoot not knowing what to expect and it started off awkward. But at the end, when we were shown a slideshow of photos compiled from the shoot, Y and I couldn't help but be moved to tears. I blame the music pulling on my heartstrings, and hormones but there was a moment when I got choked up, remembering how much we've waited and wanted this baby. 

Here's a little peek - enjoy!