SeOUL Searching: Insadong

by Grace Ko in ,

To Y's bewilderment, I am surprisingly content being left to my homebody-ways. He recently pronounced me as an introvert. Though I disagree, I do admit I don't mind me some quality alone time. Maybe it's the amalgamation of changes, events, people, places surrounding me, that even with the absence of work, my mind is at a constant "Go, go, go!" trying desperately to take in, process, soak, and embrace all that is around me. 

There is something thrilling about being in a new city, uncovering gems in "new" neighborhoods. But it is also quite something to revisit a place with fresh perspective. 

Last week, Y and I had a wander in Insadong. It wasn't our first time there but we loved it nonetheless. We loved its traditional vibes, with a plethora of ceramics, calligraphy, and artwork to take in at every step. Not to mention, we absolutely loved that all the signboards were in Korean.