Ob La Di Ob La Da!

by Grace Ko


That's how I would describe my experience going to the Paul McCartney concert here in Seoul. 

I found out about the concert while randomly flipping channels one day. There was a commercial advertising Paul McCartney's concert here in Seoul and immediately called Y to ask if he would be interested. I then thought it would be even more amazing to take my parents so I asked Y. Being who he is, with a resounding "YES", Y logged online to look for tickets and bought them right on the spot. 

The four of us took the subway to Jamsil Stadium, climbed the stairs and found our seats.

We eagerly awaited the start of the concert. As the sounds of the drums, cymbals, and guitar filled the air and Paul McCartney began to sing "Ooh I need your love babe, Guess you know it's true" we were all entranced.  

I guess there's a reason why they call things "classics". The Beatles music is so intergenerational. And there's something amazing about it. I sat in my stadium seat and was in awe of how this thing, music, could unite people of many generations, many cultures. 

A crowd of 45,000 sing in unity
Words of wisdom, "Let it be"
One light, two lights
Tens of thousands shine
Where there once was darkness
Now birthing camaraderie, 
Generating love

Strangers together dare to dream
One tear, two tears
The rain and storms may come
But we hold on
We sing
are to hope

These videos don't compare to being there in person but wanted to share with you just a taste of the atmosphere and the incredible talent.

P.S. During a concert that lasted nearly 3 hours, Paul McCartney did not take a single sip of water. How? I'm not sure. But talk about passion. 

And last, but not least, my favorite song of the set: "Hey Jude". What a gift to have been able to share in this with my husband and my parents. 

Thank you, Paul McCartney for an unforgettable concert and for an unforgettable memory I will forever cherish.