by Grace Ko

Life these past few months has been an ebb and flow between glorious peaks and treacherous valleys of disillusionment. Life these days has been allowing myself to be fully present in both the celebrations and the defeats, the extraordinary, momentous occasions and the everyday, mundane moments. 

It has been being flooded in my own tears and falling over from belly-aching laughter, only to be followed by confusion of what state and season I am in. 

In the midst of all this, I am often plagued with thoughts of how to make my life "blog-worthy", or "Instagram-worthy", but in all honesty, there are many times when life just isn't. 

The inevitable valleys of this so-called life have been long and deep, have left me lost in the sea of my own thoughts, drowning in fears and questions leaving me without the wherewithal to continue, having to muster up the energy to put one foot in front of the other. 

But lately, I've come face-to-face with how off-focus I was. The goal isn't to be blog-worthy, but to fix my eyes on that which is worthy. 

It's the choosing to believe even when everything else tells you otherwise. It's clinging to what is true, right, and good even when you don't see it or feel it.