Grandma Love

by Grace Ko

Life has been happening and a lot of it. Weekdays have been filled with busy days often sans lunch and weekends have been jam-packed to the brim. I blinked and it's the end of September. There is so much to fill you in on and many upcoming updates. But today, it's about Grandma. 

Grandparents are special, aren't they? And though mine are far away, I have been lucky enough to have had Y's grandmother nearby. I met Y's grandmother almost 7 years ago, when we started dating. A woman of wisdom, intelligence, faith. A woman with wit, a sense of humor. She always made me smile, and sometimes laugh until I teared. 

Over the weekend, she passed away. She will be dearly missed but we will cherish our memories of her. 

on grandma's birthday this past year

on grandma's birthday this past year