Food for the Soul

by Grace Ko in ,

I have had an awful stomachache on and off the past few days. It probably does not help that I've been choosing to eat quite a lot of junk. So yesterday, I decided I would "reset" and "recharge". 

I made myself a bowl of jook/congee/porridge (using this recipe). I tweaked it by using 1/4 cup white rice (the Korean, glutinous kind) with 1/4 cup quinoa. I made mine in a regular nonstick pot and let it simmer for a while. I topped it with some sesame oil and enjoyed it with some kimchi, washed it down with a tall glass of iced green tea and followed it up with a big bowl of juicy grapes. 

It's perfect for a rainy day like today. I may go home and make myself another big batch to enjoy on the couch while watching episodes of The Office.