Green Juice

by Grace Ko in

I have never been much of a veggie/fruit eater. I was never much of a "health nut" either. I confess, I love my occasional Flaming Hot Cheetos, instant ramen and soda too much to be considered one. 

But I have been making a conscious effort to consume more raw fruits and vegetables. And thanks to my brother buying me a Nutribullet for Christmas, I have definitely been getting my daily dose of greens. 

I don't have any one particular "green juice recipe" I follow daily. I just rummage through my refrigerator and plop in the fruit/veggie du jour. 

Here's a look at today's green juice! 

The Usual Suspects: 

  • A heaping handful of leafy greens (usually spinach and/or kale- today was just spinach)
  • Veggies: Today was celery and cucumber. 
  • Fruits: You can put apples, oranges, berries... Today, I used frozen pineapples (from Trader Joe's!) - it makes any juice a little sweeter! 
  • Coconut water

Recently, I have been experimenting with a few new ingredients here and there.

The New Guys: 

  • Red beets - I love me some beets so when a friend told me she has been juicing them in her Nutribullet, I thought I would give it a shot! I bought a bunch of organic red beets from the grocery store, peeled them and threw a few in the mix. (It may be an acquired taste in juice.) 
  • Parsley - We have been growing parsley (along with some tomatoes, mint and basil) in our backyard so it has become a tradition to wake up in the morning, mosey on over to our "garden" and pick a bunch of parsley for my juice. The parsley adds a "freshness" to the green juice. 
  • Ginger - I love ginger. I love ginger candy, ginger ale, ginger beer! (I even made a ginger simple syrup to add to a drink recently - maybe more on that in another post!) Ginger in juice adds a kick to it! And I love it. 
photo 2 (27).jpg
My ombre juice! 

My ombre juice! 

Cheers to health!