Take me out to the ballgame

by Grace Ko

Tuesday night, my parents and I drove into the Bronx to meet the brother and husband at a Yankees game. 

There's something so quintessentially American about a ballgame. The evening breeze, the hotdogs and beer, the anticipation in the air, the camaraderie between fans, the ballgame traditions. I love it. 

My first ever Yankees game was the summer after eighth grade. I was a diehard Jeter fan (I joke around with Y saying that Jeter was my first love) and about to move to Korea so some of my sweet friends then surprised me. Blindfold in car and everything. When we got there, they showed me a Jeter sign they had made me. It's a memory I will always cherish. 

Y and I have been to several Yankees games together and we always talk about how we'll continue that tradition with our family one day. 

Mamabear and Papabear 
A Nathan's hotdog, fries and a beer, of course. 

A Nathan's hotdog, fries and a beer, of course. 

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It was exciting getting to see Jeter play since it's his last season. And it was all the more exciting being able to witness him break a record: Jeter hit his 534th double, tying Lou Gehrig for 1st place on the Yankee's all-time doubles list. Go Jeter! 

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Peace out! 

Peace out!