Happy Mother's Day

by Grace Ko

Approaching 30, I couldn’t help but hysterically laugh while somewhat pitying myself when I read the buzzfeed article “30 signs you’re almost 30” circulating social media. We look at 30, or any chronological age milestone with a “gloom & doom” attitude, often feeling constrained by society's expectations and timeline set out for us.  But I am thankful for a mother who has allowed me to rethink and challenge this thinking.

I know I may be biased in saying this, but I truly believe my mother is the strongest woman I know. She received a Masters in Counseling and a certificate in sandplay and opened a private practice alongside my dad, all after the age of 50! To say that she is my inspiration is an understatement.

See... until then, she had spent her life investing in my brother and me. She and my dad made the difficult decision to live apart, my father in Korea, and us in the States. She would wake us up, got us ready for school, made us breakfast, dropped us off at school, worked 12 hour days, cooked, cleaned. And when she had a moment to rest, I remember I would find her in her room, on her bed, reading the Word. 

A memory that still brings tears to my eyes: my mom would pack up our Honda Accord with all my belongings to bring me back to school after a long break. She would make the 4-hour drive to drop me off at college, clean my room, help me unpack. She would then drive back home, alone. 

My mom has shown me what sacrifice looks like, what unconditional love feels like, what grace and mercy means. 

I love her sense of humor, her wit, her incredible organizational skills, her focus, her perseverance, her intellect, her hospitality, her introspection. My mom is my mentor, my counselor, my "supervisor", my fan, my best friend. I love you, mom. 

one of my favorite memories: in napa valley may 2012

one of my favorite memories: in napa valley may 2012