Favorite Youtubers

by Grace Ko

I confessed my obsession with YouTube in a previous post. Truthfully, I never thought I would become one those people that would constantly watch YouTube videos. But I've been pleasantly surprised with how inspired I am through watching others put themselves out there into the social media "world". So I thought I would share my Top 5 YouTube Channels (not in any particular order). Enjoy! 


1. {ItsJudysLife} Judy, aka ItsJudyTime, started this channel with her husband, Benji. It's their daily vlog channel and I am obsessed. I often start off my day watching their vlog and it's a guaranteed smile. They simply document their life with a one-year-old daughter, Juliana and twin girls, Keira and Miya through vlogs. Though it must be hectic with three kids, their vlogs exude their love for life and I'm also inspired to find beauty and joy in even the small things. I love their "Coffee Mondays", Judy's love for her family, Benji's culinary adventures, Juliana's dancing, the twins' smiles. 


2. {essiebutton} - Estee is a UK-based beauty blogger and Youtuber. And if I could be friends with Estee, I would.  She's hilarious. And she has the best recommendations for makeup and skincare. I also love her vlog channel: I love seeing her adventures with boyfriend Aslan (coolest name ever!) and their greyhound Reggie! Her love for Canada and Tim Hortons makes me want to fly to Canada just to try some maple donuts. And can I just say, we share a love for Oprah and tea. 

3. {ViviannaDoesMakeup}- Gotta love those Brits. Being the self-professed anglophile I am, I love watching her channel because I (nostalgically) relive my days studying abroad in London. (She and her friend LilyPebbles also do a corner on DailyMixTV where they explore different areas of London.)  I love her tutorials, her hauls, her product reviews, her style, her vlogs. She's so chic and sweet. 

4. {clothesencounters}- Jenn Im, of clothesencounters seems like such a genuinely cool chick.  I love that she can pull of some pretty rad outfits and her quirky, unique style has challenged me to get out of my (fashion) comfort zone. Might I add that I can't help but love that she's a fellow Korean-American!  She has some sick editing skills and I especially love watching her travel adventures and her styling videos. 

5. {MamaNatural}- Genevieve is Mama Natural! To be honest, I've never been much for "natural living" but she's definitely inspired me to be more conscious of what I buy, what I use, what I consume. I loved watching her pregnancy updates and now I love her "In Real Life" corner especially because she speaks openly about her faith.  She seems to embody what it means to be a good steward of what God has given, whether that be her husband, children, her finances, her resources. Her channel makes me want to be a better wife and a mom (someday). 

Who are some of your favorite Youtubers?