Car Rides, Crabs, Caverns, Oh my! Part 3

by Grace Ko in ,

After Luray, we headed to our nation's capital. I had been before but it was a new experience going with my family and especially because it was my brother's first time in D.C. 

It was a gorgeous day to walk around and take in the sights and pay tribute at the capital's various memorials and monuments. 

In front of the Washington Monument and Reflecting Pool
Lincoln Memorial
photo 4 (8).jpg

I had been to most of the monuments and memorials. However, strangely I had never been to the Korean War Veterans Memorial. It was sobering seeing all the plaques of nations that sent their men and women to serve in the Korean War, seeing the individual faces of soldiers etched in stone. 

My mind couldn't help but think about how my life would be very different had those people not served in Korea. 

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Thank you for your service.