Fields of Green

by Grace Ko in ,

Green is my favorite color.

Several weekends ago, with a few dear friends, Y and I went to Samcheok, located in Gangwon Province. It was my first time in Gangwon-Do, a province known for its fresh air and greenery. And green, indeed! 

My eyes were amazed at the sights before it and I kept thinking, "Is this real?" (Check out my lovely friend, M's blog post on our trip here)

This past weekend, Y and I made another trip down to Gwangju to see my parents. At my request, the four of us went to Boseong, a place famous for its green tea fields. I drank in the mountainsides, the lush carpets of green to my eyes' and heart's content. We walked through a forest, studying the differences in each tree: its bark, its leaves, its height and width- the symphony of cicadas cheering us along. The rolling hills, the shades and hues of green. The trickling sound of a nearby stream, our feet thanking it for a brief respite from the humidity. 

Korea, you are beautiful to me. 

보성 제암산 더늠길
더늠의 뜻: 자신의 장기로 부르는 대목
매미들의 합창
새들의 판소리
숲속을 가로지르는 데크다리 위로
맨발 행진
상큼한 바람이 머릿결은 스쳐간다
흰나비 검정나비가 횔횔
산꽃위에서 맴돈다
놀란 다람쥐는 계곡 바위 사이로 숨바꼭질 한다
조각가가 새긴 울퉁불퉁 소나무
아버님의 칭찬 때문에 살랑살랑 흔들면서 인사한다
다시또 와주세요... 가을 때면 새로운 옷을 입고 자랑하고 싶습니다

Written by Y. Ko (his previous poem featured here