D's 100 day celebration

by Grace Ko in

Since moving here, I've got to thinking a lot about friendship- it's a wonderful thing, a gift, a treasure to be held and cherished. I've been thinking about my friendships, near and far. "Distance makes the heart grow fonder" for those friends that are far away. (And I'm thankful for technology- social media, FaceTime, Kakao). And those nearby, I am thankful for their company, their presence, the day-to-day things, the buffet dinners, the conversations over coffee, the lounging and watching basketball games. 

Our lovely friends, S & I recently had a beautiful baby boy D. He can stare you down like a boss, his eyebrow game is strong, and he's full of smiles and giggles and rolls. Friends nearby got together to celebrate this precious life. 

In the usual "S. I. G. Y" fashion, we kicked off the celebration with a buffet - shabu shabu! 


After stuffing our faces with food (evidence clearly indicated from the photo above), we headed over to S & I's place for cake, ice cream and the Warriors game. A fabulous ending to a fabulous evening. 

I made party hats for the festivities and tortured Baby D and my friends with them. 

Dear D, 

Happy 100 days! You bring us all so much joy and you are so precious to us. And thank you for always being such a good sport so that Uncle Y and Aunt G can hang out with your mommy and daddy! We love you!