#TBT with Tim

by Grace Ko in ,

Confession: I have never posted a #tbt #throwbackthursday on any form of social media. 

But today is a special occasion. So let's all cheer!!! 

I have only one sibling and he's a special one. His name is Tim. His name is Tim Kim. 

In recent times, he has definitely boosted my "cool factor" with my middle school students and has helped me connect with particularly the boys by teaching me things about Air Jordans (I still dream of owning my own pair of "Breds" thanks to my brother introducing me to them), the NBA, using hashtags in conversations, social media (he always finds and shows me the funniest, quirkiest, most inspirational videos - more on that in another post). He patiently tries to explain jargon that "the kids use these days" and exposes me to music that they refer to. 

When we were younger, we had our share of differences. We would bicker, argue, fight about almost anything: what fast-food restaurant to go to, what channel to watch on tv, who got to use the computer. He used to practice his WWF moves on me. He even once miraculously got a remote-control car knotted in my hair (my mom had to cut a few strands off). I would have to drive him around to practices, Kumon or hakwon and somehow, miraculously he would always always fall asleep. Without fail. It didn't matter if it was a 10 minute ride or a 40 minute ride. 

But to be fair, I used him as my little sidekick. I would boss him around and make him retrieve things from the farthest points in the house, I would convince him that "This piece of candy is the better one, you should have it" while I would eat real tastier one. 

And yet over the years, I've become his sidekick. Because he's definitely the cooler, smarter, wittier, funnier, more creative, far more talented one. He keeps me in check. He's not afraid to tell me when I'm being ridiculous. He has taught me to be a bit more spontaneous and to not be so afraid to take risks in life. 

He inspires me. 

After graduating from college, he went back to school to pursue his dreams in music. He received a degree in Audio Engineering, worked an internship, made connections and now has started his own business! (All before he was 25!) Not only is it amazing witnessing him out his dreams, but it's doubly amazing seeing him help others realize their dreams through music. 

It has been an exciting journey to share with him. While I was working on launching this blog, he was working on his website and the other day was his website, TimKimMusic.com's soft-launch and I couldn't be more proud. (He even has a blog portion of his website! Love that he and I are now blogging buddies so go check it out from time to time and enjoy!)

So there's my shameless plug for my brother, his website, his business. Because I'm his number one fan.