Dating my husband: Leeum Museum

by Grace Ko in , ,

I can be quite a homebody. It often requires much planning and effort to get myself out the door. But lately, Y and I have been going on many dates, trips and spontaneous outings making the most of what's left of this season of just being the two of us. 

The other week, he got off early and asked me what I wanted to do. Being the pregnant woman I am, I scheduled the rest of the day around what I wanted to eat. 

We went to Plant, a vegan cafe in Itaewon for lunch. I had attempted and failed to bring Y there several times because everytime we had gone, it was always closed. So you could imagine the joy of finally being able to go. He ordered a falafel burger, I got the vegetable tempeh wrap and washed it down with a cold kombucha.

Then we leisurely made our way to the Leeum Museum. It was our second time there. We bought our tickets to the Olafur Eliasson exhibit: "The Parliament of Possibilities" but stopped to sit for a break at the museum cafe first. (I've been loving that my husband, typically a go-getter, doesn't-sit-still-ever energizer bunny has adapted to slowing down for me.) 

We shared a green tea latte and spent an hour reading our respective books- mine: The Secret Life of Bees, his: Ina May's Guide to Childbirth (which may or may not have been a suggestion from me). 

The exhibit sparked a sense of amazement in the mundane, ordinary objects and we left feeling full from creativity and innovation.